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In Memorium...


US launches 'most advanced' stealth sub amid undersea rivalry

Watch: Every F-4 Phantom From The First One Til’ The Last Ones Were PHAbulous

On Veterans Day, a lost battalion. A war hero. And a heartbreaking suicide

'Fightingest Marine' Daniel Daly Won Highest Honors, Coined Legendary Phrase

Rare Video of Japan’s Surrender aboard the USS Missouri

(This is must see video for all WWII history buffs)

 Presentation by Jessica Williams and Alex Wellerstein on the upcoming

Growler exhibition

 Museum volunteer Sami Steigmann featured in a story about Holocaust survivors

 The Disappearance of Bridle Arrestors and ‘Bow Prongs’ on Aircraft Carriers

 Navy to Give Final Farewell to USS Enterprise at Decommissioning


 Take a Tour of Howard Hughes’ Incredible Spruce Goose

 Rescue/Restoration of a B-29 aired on CBS Sunday Morning, 11-13-2016

 New Victory for World War II PT Boat: Restored and Museum-Ready

Reminiscing about the World’s Fastest Jet - the SR-71 Blackbird

Rediscovery of the WWII USS Independence at the Bottom of Bikini Atoll

(Listen for the “Mighty I” reference.  Playing time:  17:04)


Underway Replenishment of the USS Nimitz + Flight Ops on USS Enterprise

(*Please note: it is not Fuel Oil as the title says, but Aviation Fuel for the jets.  Playing time:12:40 )

Take a Test Flight on Boeing’s new 737MAX Test Plane

(Not military, but really cool.)

US NAVY Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard at Norway

A Definitive Summary of WWII presented by Encyclopedia Britannica

Check out some of the outstanding videos included in the article


           Original video footage of USS Intrepid from 1945 showing the kamikaze hit off Okinawa
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